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Our Clinics are located in the center of Athens (Mavili Square - Paster 11), Glyfada(G. Kondylis 13 & Lazaridis) and Maroussi (Sina 2), are staffed with well trained and experienced personnel and provide exam rooms equiped with advanced ultrasounds and state-of-the-art colposcopes.

Maternity Hospitals:


IVF centers:

Embryogenesis - Rea I.V.F UNIT


Trisevgeni Antonopoulou 

Birth Attendant

Manto Kratimenou

Birth Attendant

Afroditi Lianea


Δρ. Αναστάσιος Γιαντζόγλου, Μαίες
Δρ. Αναστάσιος Γιαντζόγλου, Μαίες, Γραμματέας

Over the last twenty years we have been focusing on psychologically approaching the woman, patiently and systematically applying our expertise and devoting a lot of time to it. Hasty and rushed ten-minute conversations with phones constantly ringing and continuous interruptions and voices have no place in our clinics.

Over the past five years, women and couples have been able to be treated in three perfectly organized clinics with two exam rooms each (Centre of Athens, Glyfada, Maroussi) providing them with easier access.

Our continuous presence and support for the woman can be established through deliveries, surgeries and IVF attempts that take place on the days of August 15th, Christmas and Easter.

Concerning gynaecological problems, we focus on thorough diagnosis with a detailed transvaginal ultrasound through expensive equipment (2 ultrasounds in each clinic).

With regard to HPV, the most widespread cervical disease, we provide twenty years of experience and excellent equipment: after thorough approach, diagnosis and treatment, complete healing is achieved while there are a few cases of pregnancy with the presence of HPV, which turn out well.

As far as infertility issues and pregnancy planning are concerned, we believe that 50% of the difficulty lies in stress and solely the other half concerns proper investigation and detection of the problem. Therefore, there are a few pregnancies that have come up over the years, naturally, after having tackled anxiety and through relaxation.

In case insemination, natural cycle or I.V.F intervention is required, it is performed with very high success rates, in collaboration with two major IVF units: "Embryogenesis" and the IVF Infertility Unit of Maternal hospital "Rea". There are also very high success rates for couples who need egg donation (OD).

The high-quality obstetric care that we offer has been proved for over twenty years. Normal deliveries reach 75%, while there have been several VBACs, normal deliveries with DM under insulin, with high myopia or after IVF. Our first priority is and has always been the absolute safety of both the mother and the newborn.

All these years have “equipped” us with experience in order to effectively monitor first trimester bleeding which constitutes a cause of miscarriage, cervical insufficiency with early cerclage, and multiple pregnancies with low preterm birth, due to our active engagement in assisted reproduction.

There is a 24-hour presence of our two birth attendants, and our collaboration with four maternity hospitals (Iaso, Rea, Gaia, Mitera) provides the couple with endless possibilities, depending on what each of these major clinics offers.

Our cooperation with distinguished psychologists specializing in "women's issues", fertility, pregnancy, puerperium, malignancy, or HPV, enables us to "save time and effort" and always deliver the desired results that we all expect: woman – couple – birth attendants – doctor.

The secretary of our clinic who has been a member of our team for over fifteen years, will always welcome you and eagerly cater to your needs with a smile on her face, since she has experienced remarkable life stories with us.

We are expecting you in our clinics guaranteeing our warmth, expertise and love.

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