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Only by thinking with your heart and feeling with your mind, will you approach a woman.

Giantzoglou A. Anastasios M.D.,Ph.D.

Obstetrics - Normal Delivery

Nowadays, normal delivery is becoming less and less common because of the limited time spent on the process. In our clinics the rates of normal childbirth are 75%.

Maternal-fetal medicine is offered in our clinics. We focus on non-invasive methods for the chromosomal health of the fetus. Our childbirths take place in four major maternity hospitals (IASO, REA, MITERA, GAIA).

Gynaecological Surgery


Early and accurate diagnosis of the gynaecological problem through advanced transvaginal ultrasound. Surgical laparoscopy, hysteroscopy  or open surgery, depending on the indications and aiming at the shortest hospitalization time possible.

Continuous presence and support for the couple, 


days a year.

Infertility - Assisted Reproduction


Integrated Patient Monitoring for insemination (IUI), natural cycle (N.C), in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation (O.D) and egg freezing. Egg collection (E.C) and embryo transfer (E.T) take place in major IVF centres (Embryogenesis - Rea I.V.F UNIT).



Smooth and effective treatment of the common Human Papilloma Virus (H.P.V infection) with colposcopy, biopsy, standardization of H.P.V strains, condylomata accuminata cauterization.


Dr. Anastasios A. Giantzoglou is a graduate of the School of Medicine as well as the School of Pharmacy of the University of Athens.

He specialized in Obstetrics-Gynaecology and in the same year he was awarded the title of Doctor of Medicine of the University of Athens.

In 2000 he trained at the Hammersmith IVF Unit in London on assisted reproduction techniques.

He currently runs 3 clinics (Centre of Athens, Glyfada and Maroussi) and collaborates with the Iaso, Rea, Gaia, Mitera Maternity Hospitals as well as the IVF Units "Rea" and "Embryogenesis".

Giantzoglou A. Anastasios M.D., Ph.D.

Obstetrician-Surgeon Gynaecologist

Ph.D., University of Athens

Specializing in infertility issues

(Hammersmith-London U.K.)

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